Hijab wearing female healthcare worker wearing modest scrubs taking notes on ipad.

Society impacts what we wear, so we're making an impact on it. Just like the careers we choose, we wanted the choice when it came to what we wear. This is about more than just what you wear to work. For some of us, it’s our identity, and we want to bring all of ourselves to the field.

We understand the struggle of trying to accommodate modest wear in healthcare. After spending countless hours in the ICU, our founder, a full time nurse, incorporated her first-hand experience of the daily wind and grind of the healthcare profession into the designs that are the cornerstone of AVICENNA. That knowledge and awareness fueled the making of our designs, ensuring that our scrubs serve you as much as you serve your community.  

Turban wearing female healthcare worker in modest scrubs crouches to tie shoe laces at the foot of stairs.
Female healthcare worker wearing modest long sleeve scrubs writes on tablet and glances to the side.

Our scrubs are more than just a uniform. We have to dress the part and dress it well, but with the limited options out there we decided to be the designers and definers of our own standards. We design simple, yet technically efficient, modest, yet medically fit apparel that lend us the pride and belonging we deserve as healthcare workers.